To all FOP Lodge #149 Members:

        The next Lodge Meeting is December 06, 2016 at Alum Creek State Park- Geo Survey/Watercraft Classroom at 4:00pm.  Election of Lodge officers will be held at this meeting time certain at 5:30pm.

        To vote at this lodge election you must be present at 5:30pm and a member of FOP Lodge 149 in good standings. If there are any questions about membership status, the lodge will reference the latest available “State of Ohio Payroll Deductions for FOP Unit 2” provided by the state or you must bring a copy of your latest “Payroll Earning Statement” showing a D25 deduction.

        Members may also vote by absentee ballot.  To qualify for this voting method you must have a conflict with your ODNR Division work schedule.  A conflict is defined as having been scheduled to work on the day of the meeting and that schedule begins or ends at such a time that would prohibit you from showing up and voting at 5:30pm.  Pre-approved vacation, personal leave, or comp time is not considered a conflict. Pre-approved sick leave, OIL, or disability will be considered a conflict and that paperwork must accompany your absentee ballot.  All absentee ballots must be received by mail no later than December 02, 2016 OR be hand delivered to the meeting by a lodge officer or lodge member to be valid.

Please follow the instructions for an absentee ballot.
1.        Click Here to download and print the Absentee Ballot (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required).

2.        Complete the ballot by placing a clear and obvious mark on the line next to the name you wish to elect for that position.  Vote for only one person per position.

3.        Make a copy of your work schedule that shows a conflict as defined above for December 06, 2016.  Sign your schedule as a way to prove that YOU sent the ballot.

4.        Submitting your ballot   

       A.   Mail the ballot and your signed work schedule to:

Jeremy Davis

PO BOX 419

Kingston, Ohio 45644

                All ballots must be received by mail no later than December 02, 2016 to be valid.




        B.   Complete the ballot as described and forward to a Lodge Officer or Member to he hand delivered to the

              meeting in person


5.        If for some reason you are unable to get a ballot you may write your vote on a piece of paper and mail it along with a signed schedule showing a conflict.  If you need further assistance please contact a current Lodge Officer.


Constitution and Bylaws



The right to be a candidate for any office or for election as a delegate to any convention shall be, and is hereby limited to members in good standing.


All nominations of candidates for offices shall be made from the floor at the fall quarterly meeting of each election year.  Write-in candidates are not permitted.


No more than three (3) candidates shall be nominated for any one office.  All nominations for any one office shall automatically be closed as soon as there are three (3) candidates for that office.  In the event there are less than three (3) candidates for an office, the nominations for the office shall be closed by the President calling three (3) times: "Are there any further nominations for (office in question)?".  After nominations for any office have been closed they shall not be reopened.


All nominees for office shall be present at the meeting in which their names are submitted or the person who submits such member's name shall have knowledge that said member will accept such nomination.  All nominees not present at the fall quarterly meeting, when their names are submitted in nomination, shall submit a written statement to the effect that he/she will or will not accept the nomination, within ten (10) days to the Secretary, who will advise each of the District Trustees in time for the next regularly scheduled District meeting in November.


No member shall be nominated for more than one (1) office.


All officers of the Lodge shall be elected by secret ballot in December of even numbered years.


Newly elected officers shall be installed as the last order of business at the regular meeting in December.  The outgoing officers shall assist the newly elected officers in the orderly take over of their office. The term of office shall be two (2) years from the date of instalment. 


 A delegate to any convention is hereby limited to a member in good standing and must attend two (2) regular meetings in the preceding twelve (12) months.

SECTION 9.              

Absentee ballots shall be considered as valid ballots for conduction of elections provided that the ballots are cast under the following conditions:

(A)   The voting member is a member in good standing.

(B)   The voting member is scheduled to work during the time that the election is being conducted, or has a work schedule that substantially inhibits the ability of the member to be present at the election.

(C)   The voting member is not absent from the election due to any personal preference or desire.

(D)   It is the responsibility of the voting member to contact their district trustee to obtain an absentee ballot.