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Unit 2 Contract Negotiations Update

Tentative Agreement Breakdown

Complete TA's

Legislative Draft of Contract

Contract Effective date is 04/04/2016

Retro Pay & New rate should appear on paycheck received on 5/13/2016- Note: Retroactivity should include base wage, overtime, longevity, and leave conversion.  Shift dif is not included since it is not based on wages, nor is uniform allowance.

Bonus payment should appear on the paycheck received on 5/27/2016.

Brothers and Sisters,

          Your bargaining committee has unanimously voted to pursue a new three year collective bargaining agreement, the details of which are provided in the Tentative Agreement Breakdown.

          For probably the first time, in a very long time, we have negotiated our own contract, rather than being stuck with a contract negotiated by another union.  Previously all we could do is nibble around the edges.

          The State came to the table with what we felt were some pretty draconian language proposals, all of which would have seriously eroded the rights you now enjoy.  In addition, we felt that these proposals were designed to make it very easy to get rid of any employee they wanted.  Even the best employee can have a bad day.  That cannot be permitted to end the career into which they have invested their entire life.

          We managed to keep the language changes to an absolute minimum.  We in law enforcement are already held to the highest standard.  But that standard cannot be made impossible to attain and maintain. 

          On the financial side, we received the pay raises provided to the other unions: 2.5% per year and a $750.00 one-time signing bonus.  This raise is retroactive. 

          In addition, on July 1, 2016, after the pay schedules are adjusted for the 2.5% raise due that year, $500 shall be added to each of the steps in each pay range except for Step 1 and the last step.  $750 shall be added to the final step in each pay range.  These increases (the $500 and $750) are permanent, not a onetime payment like the signing bonus.

          We also obtained a .25$ increase in shift differential, a $50 increase in the uniform allowance, and a $340 increase in the plain clothes allowance.  There is also an increase in the FOP educational fund.

          There are no financial give-backs to off-set any of the financial gains obtained at the table.  The health insurance share of the premiums remains at 15%. 

          We believe that if we went before a fact-finder, we would be very hard pressed to even match the deal we already achieved at the table.  In addition, we would be lucky to avoid the drastic changes in language that the State initially sought and to which the other unions agreed.  No other union received any additional financial increases other than the 2.5% raises and the signing bonus.  

From Douglas J. Behringer and your Bargaining Committee

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Shielding our Protectors

The Ohio Secretary of State website has information and forms for removing your home address from public databases, including voting records.  Click hyperlink for more info.


Division of Wildlife has been conducting Retired Officer Firearms Qualifications.

2013 Retired Officer Firearms Qualifications

2013 ODNR retiree memo

Find your Ohio Senator http://www.ohiosenate.gov/map.html

House of Representatives http://www.house.state.oh.us/

Ohio Secretary of State, Elections website


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Prior Service Credit for vacation time accrual

The last contract resulted in an agreement to permit bargaining unit employees* in the service of the state to receive credit for prior service with the State, the Ohio National Guard, or any political subdivision of the State for the purposes of computing vacation leave in accordance with Ohio Revised Code section 9.44. These provisions become effective July 1, 2010. The contractual language also provides that the new vacation accrual rates shall take effect starting the pay period immediately following the pay period that includes the date the Department of Administrative Services processes and approves the employee’s request. 

Prior Service Credit Memo

PRIOR SERVICE CREDIT FORM - blank PDF version 3-10.pdf


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